Press release from Playboy regarding the safety of your sex toys in an unregulated industry.

K.M Davis advises: 

…All the while, phthalates continue to receive intense scrutiny. Almost six years ago, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) permanently banned three different types of phthalates—DEHP, DBP and BBP—from being used in children’s toys, which inevitably end up in kids’ mouths. (The Commission also temporarily banned an additional three phthalates—DINP, DIDP and DnOP—until more scientific evidence is available.) There have even been a few grassroots campaigns to regulate use of phthalates in plastic dog toys. But phthalate use in sex toys—which by design end up in adults’ mouths, among other orifices—is still ignored. “There’s not a huge lobby of people saying, ‘I’ve had an injury related to sex toys,’ because it’s embarrassing,” Davis explains. “It’s largely a shame issue.”