A Business Services Company with a Twist

As of February 1, 2015, Sexquire will only be providing legal services. We can provide contacts for tax preparers, but will no longer provide bookkeeping or any other services. This change is so we can concentrate solely on what we do best. 

What is Sexquire? The world’s first business services company created specifically for businesses and individuals in the adult industry. Each of our service providers has experience with clients in all areas of the industry, which allows us to save clients time (and money).

Where other providers need to spend time “getting up to speed” on the nuances of the industry (or worse, learning by making mistakes) Sexquire is able to draw on the collective experience of all of our divisions to tailor plans and work specifically suited to each client\’s need.

So what types of “business services” does Sexquire provide? Read on for a sampling of times when you may want to be in touch with Sexquire.

Shameless Grounds
Tristan Taormino
Ayana Angel
The Smitten Kitten

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When do you need Sexquire:

If you’re just starting out in the Adult industry or are starting your own business, you probably have many questions. There are more roadblocks along the way when you’re setting up, and you may require some outside help to navigate your way through unfamiliar territory.

Even if you’re an established performer or business owner, you may have come to the point in your career where you need some assistance not only managing your taxes, but even your social media. Let Sexquire handle those tasks, to allow you to work on what you do best!

If you\’re in a position where you’ve encountered businesses or individuals who don’t want to work with you because of the industry you are, let us mitigate the situation for you. We use our legal expertise to ensure you get the service and treatment you deserve.

These are just some of the reasons you may have for contacting Sexquire:

Contact if:

Your _____________ decides they don’t “work with your kind of business”

Contact if:

You’re sick of educating your business professionals about your industry

Contact if:

You want to grow your business but have no idea how

Contact if:

You find someone ripping off your work or using your name

Contact if:

You’re working with someone new

Contact if:

You’re asked to sign a contract

Contact if:

You’ve decided to start a business that has ANYTHING to do with sex

And any other circumstances you come across!